I’m happy to share that I wrote some music for the mobile game Crossfire Legends (by Tencent Games). In this edition of the game, players are fighting four different monsters from “The Book Of Mountains And Seas”, which is part of ancient Chinese mythology. They were seen as the “four evil creatures of the world”.

Each monster in the game got its own zone, look and abilities, so in addition to the main theme I had to write four 3-minute pieces, each featuring a traditional Chinese instrument, representing one of the monsters. They monsters are called “Qiong Qi”, “Chaos”, “Taowu” and “Tao Tie”. The music for all of them features percussion rhythms that can be found in Chinese “Nuo Drama”.

Quiong Qi” looks similar to a gigantic tiger and has the highest difficulty, that’s why its music is the most intense of the four. I chose the piercing Dizi flute as a lead instrument.

Chaos” is a huge (50 meters) creature, but is described as being both good and evil alike. Since it is the monster of singing and dancing, the instrument associated with it is the voice. The music is a little bit slower (to represent its size) and also is in 3/4 meter to reflect the dance aspect.

Taowu” is also a fairly large monster, which is represented by the Erhu. And finally there is “Tao Tie“, which is a demonic creature similar to a wolf, with a cavernous mouth and eyes misplaced just above its legs. I assigned the Yangqin (a Chinese dulcimer) to this monster.

Please take a listen at the right side of this post! I included all 5 pieces into a Soundcloud playlist!