Production Music Single Tracks

For easy access, please find a selection of tracks (including a short description) suitable for music libraries and production music companies below.

Nimrod (01:58)

A modern, high intensity, epic trailer track that builds over time, featuring both sound design and orchestral elements.

Dragonborn (02:00)

A medival, adventurous trailer track with a strong theme and dramatic built-up. It features live vocals and live solo cello.

Liftoff (01:35)

An emotional, uplifting orchestral track with warm melodies over driving textures. This is the mockup only version (the piece was also recorded with a 36 pc (union-) orchestra in Los Angeles).

Counterpoint (01:46)

A whimsical, melody driven track featuring solo violin and solo cello.

A Story Unfolds (01:46)

An adventurous, energetic track recorded in the beautiful Rudolfinum concert hall in Prague with the 60 pc Czech Film Orchestra.

Arbitrary Asylum (06:37)

A dark, twisted Symphonic Metal track. This is the instrumental version of one of the songs of the self-released album “Where Stories Unfold” by my band Illuminata, recorded with a 60 pc. orchestra in Prague.