Dragony – Shadowplay



Dragony is a Powermetal band from Vienna, Austria. Originally known as ‘The Dragonslayer Project’, the band was founded in 2007 and released their debut album ‘Legends’ in 2011. I am hornored that they decided to book me as an orchestrator for their second longplayer Shadowplay, which will be released on September 25th 2015 via Limb Music.

Their new, diversive material is characterized by catchy meldodies and driving guitar riffs and beeing responsible for the symphonic aspect of their songs was a very creative task.

Dragony already published their 80s-Metal cover video of the David Hasselhoff song “True Survivor“, which will be included on the new album as a bonus track. More recently, they premiered the first full song called Wolves Of The North. I included the lyric video below.

I will update this page with more audio samples and information once the album is released.

Official Video


[…] With great pleasure that we can announce a collaboration with Lukas Knoebl, guitarist and mastermind of Austrian Symphonic Metallers ILLUMINATA!

Lukas is not only a great guitarist and songwriter, but he is also a highly talented arranger of orchestral music, and when we were looking to take the “symphonic” aspect of our new songs to the next level, we got in contact with Lukas when we heard his amazing work on ILLUMINATA’s new album “Where Stories Unfold”. We are very happy to have him on board, as he provided some excellent orchestral arrangements for our new songs!

Siegfried Samer, Dragony



  • Wolves Of The North
  • Shadowrunners
  • Kiln Of The First Flame
  • The Maiden’s Cliff
  • Warlock
  • Babylon
  • Dr. Agony
  • At Daggers Drawn
  • Unicorn Union
  • The Silent Sun
  • True Survivor (Bonus Track)

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