Aeonata, founded in 2015 by Austrian composer, orchestrator and audio engineer Lukas Knoebl, is specialized in original music for film, TV, video games and advertising campaigns. With a steadily increasing portfolio, Aeonata has earned itself an reputation for exceeding the high expectations of industry professionals. From hard-hitting trailer cues to refined orchestrations, Aeonata always delivers unsurpassed quality and cutting-edge production value.

A distinctly personal approach and music without compromise have led to many returning customers over recent years. Headquartered in Vienna, in an environment where ideas can flow and creativity is given room to flourish, Aeonata is ready to elevate your production to the next level!



The perfect music for your project.

Music On Demad

Aeonata offers music specifically composed for your project. Synced exactly to your picture if needed.


Our Experience. Our Tools. Your Music.

Refine Your Sketches

Professional orchestration and industry-standard music preparation will bring your music to the next level!

Orchestral Mock-Ups

Virtual orchestration as good as it gets!

Realism & Detail

Being specialized in creating dynamic orchestral Mock-ups, Aeonata can help you to achieve a grand orchestral sound even if your budget does not allow for a recording with a live orchestra.

Other Services

Sound Design. Mixing & Mastering. Recording.


Whatever it takes to get you an outstanding sound – with years of experience in the diverse field of audio production, Aeonata is ready to bring your musical vision to life!


Every project is different!

From my experience, the requirements usually vary a lot from project to project, and so does the effort. If you are interested in my services, please do not hesitate to contact me and asked for a quote!

Flexible pricing

  • Film Music
  • Music for Games
  • Music for Advertising
  • & more!

Flexible pricing

  • Arrangement
  • Orchestration
  • Score Preperation
  • & more!

Flexible pricing

  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Sound Design
  • Audio Logos
  • & more!