Tutorial: How to optimize Kontakt 5’s RAM usage

By |2018-09-25T22:08:32+02:00January 18th, 2018|Technology, Tutorials|

When creating a new track in the digital environment, it usually takes some steps to properly set up a virtual instrument. Locating samples on the hard drive, loading them into a sampler, routing MIDI tracks and outputs inside the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and setting up reverbs and effect chains can be quite time [...]

Fake vs. Real

By |2018-09-25T22:08:33+02:00January 21st, 2017|Music Technology, Technology, Tracks, Tutorials|

Fake vs. Real - Samples versus Live This time I would like to focus on a topic which might be interesting to both film-/game-makers and musicians alike. It's not a secret that with the evolution of technology, orchestral music generated on a computer is hardly distinguishable from a real live performance anymore, especially for [...]

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