Hello and welcome to the new homepage of Aeonata!

I hope you like what you’ve seen and – far more important – heard so far! =)

Since I’m getting booked more and more frequently as a composer and orchestrator, I decided to give this whole project a name and call it Aeonata. This name is on the one hand related to the band I’m in for a couple of years, which is called Illuminata (as most of you probably already noticed). On the other hand it is a mixture of the words ‘Aeon’ (which means Eternity) and ‘Sonata’ (a musical form).

Aeonata basically offers all kind of services related to music production with a strong focus on modern cinematic compositions and orchestrations. So if you like my works and you are in need of a composer, arranger or audio engineer, feel free to get in touch!

On my homepage I will of course give you detailed information about all the projects I’m involved, about my compositions and anything that is somehow connected to my music. I’m also planning to publish a few tutorials here and there and share some (hopefully) helpful tips & tricks regarding audio, midi, acoustics etc. If you are interested in this kind of stuff, please make sure to stop by from time to time 😉

See you next time!