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Aeonata – Music for Media

Welcome to the official site of Aeonata, a music production company based in Austria. Aeonata offers compositions for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing and can be hired for almost all categories of music production, composition, orchestration and sound design. Read more…

Composition 100%
Mixing & Mastering 100%
Orchestration 100%
Sound Design 85%

Featured Tracks

“A Story Unfold” is featured on the Illuminata album ‘Where Stories Unfold’ (2015) as an orchestral intro to the album. It was recorded with the Czech Film Orchestra.
Helios is an epic, dramatic track which makes use of both heavy orchestrations and synthesizers. It tells the story of an explorer, the ups and downs of his journeys, the dangers and amazing discoveries. As you may notice, the track returns to its beginning at the very end, which indicates that the whole story may repeat over and over again, as the desire of the protagonist to explore new wonders might never end.

Featured Projects

The music of Aeonata has already become part of many different projects. You are kindly invited to have a look at the following slides, which present a selection of my recent clients. For a full list of all credentials and more information about the individual projects, please navigate to their related pages.

Aeonata services include:

  • Orchestration & Mockups

  • Music Composition

  • Film- and Gamemusic
  • Scoring product videos & commercials
  • Audio logos & jingles
  • Sound Design
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • …and more!

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